Pokemon Go Tips, Guide, and Tricks That You Should Know

Pokemon go is a cultural moment. It’s one of the biggest Pokemon video games of all time and it’s available on iOS and Android. If you’re just starting I have some beginner Pokemon go tips just for you. And if you’re really obsessed with the game already I’ve got the advanced tips and tricks to be the very best and I’ll help you conquer the gyms.

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Pokemon Go Tips

So let’s go…

How to play Pokemon go Tips

First, you’ll have three Pokemon and choose from at the very beginning Squirtle, Charmander, and Bulbasaur who is the best. But if you really want to pick Pikachu you can. Simply walk away from your three options four times. For the fourth time, Pikachu will appear, you’ll toss a Pokeball at it and you’ll have it in your collection.

How to toss the Pokeball you might ask?

Well, it’s quite simple. Put your finger on the ball flick it forward. There are more advanced techniques and we’ll get to those later.

Hint: You can retrieve an overthrown Pokeball by tapping on it.

How to get stardust and candies

Every time you catch a Pokemon you’ll get Stardust and you will get candies. Candies are specific to the type of Pokemon you have. So if you catch a whole bunch of Zubats they’re going to have a whole bunch of Zubats candies. And when you have enough you can spend those and some stardust to evolve a Zubat into a new creature. In this case, a Golbat.

Stardust and Candy


While you’re on your past walking about. You’re going to see a little blue post, those are Pokestops and when you ever visit one you can collect free items by spinning the little token nearby.



These refresh every five minutes so if there isn’t a lot in your neighborhood you can double back after a while and collect more stuff. We’ll get into what those items do later but for now, make sure that every time you visit your collecting free things.

Invest in a battery pack

These are the final and most important tips for a Pokemon go.

First get a battery pack if you can afford it, it will be a huge help. You don’t want to be out in the middle of nowhere searching for a Snorlax only for your battery to die and you not know how to get home.

Even if you have the battery pack, conserve your battery. If your phone has the option, go to settings and select the power saving mode but only if it doesn’t affect your GPS.

And inside the Pokemon app, you can select another power saving mode from settings. When you choose it you’ll have the normal phone screen but if you flip it upside down it dims the game. Saving a little bit of power and it will buzz your phone if a Pokemon is nearby.

Lastly and here is where I don’t know if I would encourage this but maybe you’re becoming a bit more of a hardcore gamer.

You can turn off the AR mode…

Not seeing a Pokemon and the world around you but seeing it inside of the video game, ts joyless and I don’t know anybody who would want to do.

Alright at this point you’ve committed yourself to Pokemon. You’ve maybe drained your battery once or twice and maybe you’ve hit level five already and decide to pick a team you started to question things.

Catching a Pokemon

When you are catching a Pokemon you probably notice the ever-shrinking colored ring. It’s green when you start out but later on you’ll start seeing yellows, oranges, and other shades of red.

What that means is those Pokemon are both powerful, more powerful and also harder to catch.

Now, later on, you’ll get things like great balls and ultra balls which will make it easier to catch them. There are also these things called Razz Berry and once you’ve hit level eight you’ll start seeing these pop up his items. Use a Razz Berry, beat the Pokemon and it’ll start liking you.

Hint: The higher your level the more access you’ll have to items

Get extra points when throwing a Pokeball

Now, as long as you toss the Pokeball into the outer ring you still have a chance of catching the Pokemon. But there’s a method to the shrinking rings madness and that’s where we’re going to get extra points.

Landing the ball within the smaller ring gives you some bonus experience points. If you get a fuller ring it’s 410 points. A half ring gives you 450 points and you can realize your dream of becoming an inhuman Pokemon catching machine. The small ring will get you 100 extra bonus points.

For another 10 experience points, you can spin the ball ahead time and give it a nice little curve. It is an acquired skill and remembers it’s a lot easier to get a nice catch every time so sometimes a Pidgey in the hand is worth more than a lot of missing Pokeballs.

Turn off AR mode! look if you have it on, obviously you can make a lot of memes but the Internet has made literally every funny joke about Pokemon already. You’re not going to add to this. All you care about is the points get those points turn off AR mode, you might even save a little bit of battery and that’s extra Pokemon in the long run.

Use Lure Module

I am actually the laziest person in the world. I don’t want the Pokemon to find me on the streets. What I need for Pokemon is to find me at a bar or a coffee shop or a cocktail lounge. So this is when you actually get the Lures.

Lures are great because they help everyone to attract Pokemon to the location. But it applies to everyone who’s playing Pokemon go. So as long as you got a Pokestop near a bar or perhaps your office break room, you’re set.

Gyms tip

So you just hit level 5 and you’re ready to start taking on the gyms. You can find gyms at major landmarks and areas of interest. It’s helpful to look at the gyms near you and see what factions control them. Because you can battle for control of gyms that are owned by other factions but you can only add Pokemon to help defend gyms that are owned by your faction.


Conquering a gym is probably the hardest part of Pokemon go tips. You select six of your Pokemon to take the gym on. Once the battle begins you can do three things you can tap to attack, you can swipe to dodge, or you can press and hold to do your special attack.

Special attack only works after you filled up the blue bubble. You can even team up with other members of your factions to take down gyms and working together can help beating a gym a lot easier.

The gym becomes unclaimed as soon as you beat the gym leader. So add a Pokemon as fast as you can otherwise you risk losing the unclaimed gym to some random bystander who’s just going to reap the benefits of your hard work.

Now that you’ve finished your battle your Pokemon are probably fainted or pretty weak. So you’re going to need to use items to bring them back to health. Potions and revives can be found at Pokestops. You can also buy them through apps.

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